Guest Explorer | The biggest Airbus landing in Bulgaria

Today the Lufthansa pilot Mario Bakalov made history as the first local pilot to land Airbus A380 in Bulgaria. The beautiful double-deck aircraft is the biggest passenger carrier in the world usually operating on transatlantic flights. Its symbolic landing in Bulgaria (outside of its usual route) marked the 104th anniversary of the Bulgarian Air force and Aviation.


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Guest Explorer | Cuba behind the curtain

Guest Author- Silvia

Guest Explorer | Szilvia Todorova

With her mixed Hungarian & Bulgarian heritage Szilvia is pretty much a globetrotter by birth. Crossing Europe on a monthly basis was not enough for her so several years ago she started crossing oceans and continents and hasn’t stopped ever since. She is one of my oldest friends and apart from being a lovely person, Szilvi is a great story-teller because she always manages to get herself into the craziest travel situations and still keep her “the glass is half full” attitude.  

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No money in the banks, empty shelves filled with a line pattern of the same few products, a coupon system…No, this article is not about time travel back to the former socialist reality of Eastern Europe. The year is 2016 and I am in one of the most exotic one-of-a-kind destinations I have visited: the newly opened to the world island nation of Cuba.

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