Sofia Talks | Rostislav Bakalov on Bulgarian Craft Beer Culture

A decade ago the expression “Craft beer” was a fully untapped topic on the Bulgarian beer market. Today, a growing number of people are using Untappd not to describe unknown beers but to rate their favourite local and global craft brands while they are getting a liquid infusion of their favourite Vitamin B(eer).

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Love note to Sofia

Dear Sofia,

You are special: today and during the rest of your all-year-round kaleidoscope of urban memories and concrete life stories.

You are a perpetual scene for the surprises of life: from love stories and newly shaped friendships, to the daily carousel of work life, the excitement of success, as well as the black hole of unsolved social and cultural issues. But somehow you still make me love you.

Redhead Sofia.jpg

You know how many people love something only because it is beautiful/popular/expensive Or because others desire it. Or because it makes them feel good. Well that isn’t my kind of love.

I love you the way you are: with all your imperfections and charming little quirks.

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Hidden gems | Charming Sofia


*Many of the photos are taken with a phone while roaming the city,

so please excuse the poor resolution

Sofia is one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

It mixes the influence of East & West, old & new, traditional & hip. It has its downsides (try riding a bike without developing superhuman self-protection instincts, I dare you), but it also has piles and piles of urban charm.

retina- sofia 2

From its Thracian & later Roman proto-self Serdica, through the Byzantine Triaditza, Sofia has a long and colorful history of mixed cultural influence. Nowadays, it is consistently reshaping and improving its cityscape.

 You can find fantastic food at really affordable prices in a growing number of folk cuisine and gourmet joints which pop up all across the city. You have  the gorgeous mount Vitosha just a 20min drive away from the downtown district. There is a growing interest in urban art and building a better cityscape. And last but not least the city mixes a relaxed “you can just have a beer in the park” atmosphere with a mesmerizing mixture of Austrian Neo-Baroque/Secession and glass&steel modern architecture.

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