Francesca Porzio about Valencia on and off the beaten path

I met Francesca on our first visit to Valencia a few years ago. It was our first trip to Spain with Stef and we quickly realized that the city is nothing less but love at first sight because of: the street art, the architecture, the wonderful urban atmosphere and above all: the friendliness and the positive attitude of the people around us.

Francesca was one of these smiling people: a charming curly Italian girl, who liked Valencia so much that she decided to move to live there. Now, just before we leave for our second visit to the city, I wanted to ask her a bit more about Valencia and see the city through the eyes of a local who is not only a visitor but also an owner of her own hostel …

*All photos (apart from Francesca’s portrait) were taken during our previous visit in the city, you can read more about that old trip on the Bulgarian website of National Geographic

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Travel Talks | Meet Anna, your Cabin Crew for today

When you walk into a room full of people it is almost impossible not to notice Anna. Smiling, talkative and full of enthusiasm: she easily makes new friends wherever she goes. Travelling is a way of life for her and I mean that quite literally: she recently became part of the Ryanair Cabin Crew and travels for living. All photos in this post are from her personal photo archive: check more photos and travel stories on her blog SoundTrippin’ and on Instagram (@soundtrippin).

I remember several months ago, when Anna was looking for a job and she told me she will go to the Ryanair Assessment Day “just to see if there is a chance to work for them”. The second she told me about it, I knew she is perfect for the job and here were are several months later: talking over Skype about the whole experience (Note: she is based near Dublin).

Thessaloniki, Kastra
  1. What is travel for you?

A way of life. Literally. My life is all about travel in recent years and especially now, when it has become a profession as well. It’s really great but it can also be confusing. I don’t know which place to call “home” now. I just work in Ireland, but I wouldn’t call it home. Greece on the other hand is very close to my heart (Note: she has family in Greece and has been travelling back and forth for a long time).

  1. When did you start travelling on a regular basis?

I used to travel a lot to Greece because I have relatives there and I have been on short trips to Paris and destinations like this. But my real passion for travel was born after a trip to the Czech Republic where I had my Erasmus Plus program in the field of education, training, youth and sport. The program is really worth it- I can recommend it to everyone: you go to a EU country for a week and earn a YouthPass certificate.

With the Erasmus+ guys in Prague

You get reimbursement for all your expenses covered (transport, food, etc.) after you come back. It’s great – you get to meet many people from different countries and you make friends all over Europe. In fact I am still in touch with some of the people I met there several years ago – and we had a reunion with an Italian friend here in Dublin.


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