Dear Reader & Fellow Explorer, 


My name is Konstantina. I love good coffee, I hate snakes and Wizzair used to be my “bus service” when I was living in Italy for my Erasmus (9 euro tickets, wohoo!). Travel is my way to explore the world and experiment with visual storytelling. I am an introvert most of the week and a fun-loving extrovert when I get inspired by the people around me.

Amsterdam 2015 | Read more in Bulgarian (I still haven’t translated most of my old travel stories in English)

I travel with my boyfriend Stef across Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe: on foot, car, train, plane or a motorbike.

Every now and then we stay at a proper hotel, but most of the time (especially in summer)  we prefer to go camping and explore the beauty of outdoor destinations.


I have lived in Seattle (US) Macerata (Italy) and most of my life: in Sofia (Bulgaria).



Quick facts:

  • I try to tell stories with my images: words are subjective and captured moments speak for themselves
  • I travel light: clothes, camera and extra pairs of sneakers/ballerinas mostly. I only use real suitcases when I am moving to live somewhere else.
  • ...But light packing is never light enough on a motorbike. Sigh, you have to make sacrifices in order to enjoy your time on the road.
  • I love rock tourism: the practice of crossing borders to see great bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Monster Magnet (Thessaloniki), Bodycount (Amsterdam), etc.
  • Although they have nothing in common, my favourite places in Europe are Scandinavian countries (especially Denmark), Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. I guess I love contrasts.
  • I love spicy food and East Asian cuisine is one of my favourite travel treats. When I have time I also enjoy trying world recipes at home. I have cut down significantly on beer but I adore a good pint of Weiss beer

I take photos and collect memories during my trips but I prefer to leave social media sharing for later. As much as I enjoy the posts of people who lifestream stories on the go: I prefer to live in the moment and then recollect and share it later.

If there is anything you would like to ask: feel free to contact me and leave your comments on the blog. Wishing you a wonderful time during your travels!



If you speak Bulgarian you can also find my travel stories about Oslo and Valencia on the page of National Geographic Bulgaria or see more about my Thai adventures.


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