Hello! Здравей! Ciao! Bonjour! Hallo! Kia ora! ¡Hola 

My name is Konstantina: a European living in Oceania and trying to get used to the fact that the peak of winter is in August, Christmas is in the middle of summer and “North = warmer climate” in the parallel universe of the Southern Hemisphere.  

When I don’t travel, I spend my days working in data analytics & STEM research, in between disciplines and cultural crossroads. I am proud of my roots in Southeast Europe (coming from a country with 1300+ years of history and off-the-beaten-path beauty which takes newcomers by surprise), but also appreciate the influences of other places where I (have) live(d)- quirky Seattle, medieval Macerata & windy Wellington.

A few things about me: cat AND dog person travelling the world with my husband and prone to falling asleep on a motorbike; looking for spicy Asian food and Phở which makes me cry; into obscure movies, blues & rock music; allergic to mean pettiness; trying to surround myself with inspiring people and delightfully mismatched interests (scientist bakers, ballerina chemists, and other fantastic creatures).

If you are curious about life in Oceania, the underrated magic of the Balkans, adapting to living in a new culture, street photography and outdoor travels, or more serious topics like overtourism and the life of indigenous communities, I would be happy to share my perspective.

Capturing the surrounding world, one story & a handful of images at a time.

Bulgarian speakers can also read my travel stories about Oslo and Valencia in the online edition of National Geographic Bulgaria and learn more about working on covering indigenous communities in Thailand from this bTV interview.

TDN (1).png
Data visualisation of my travels: the chronological order of visiting these places goes from light (in the late 1990s to dark: 2020).


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