Hello,  Dear Reader & Fellow Explorer!

My name is Konstantina and I’ve been exploring Europe, America and (less of) Asia pretty much since I turned 16. I recently decided that all these stories and photos need an online home to live in and started collecting them on this blog.


Amsterdam 2015 | Read more in Bulgarian (I still haven’t translated most of my old travel stories in English)

I travel with my boyfriend Stef: across Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe. We often have our trips on a motorbike and although we can stay at nice hotels most of the time we deliberately choose not to because we prefer to go camping and explore gorgeous outdoor destinations.


I believe travelling is as much about internal journeys, as it is about external ones, so I leave the practical tips and maps at the end of my posts and focus on the stories, the people, special atmosphere and culture of a destination. Each new journey teaches you something: about you and about other people. In some sense: you never visit the same place twice, because each time you experience it in a different way.


Some quick facts:

  • I love photography: images combined with stories are my way of conveying the special atmosphere of each destination I visit
  • I travel light: my clothes, camera and extra pairs of sneakers/ballerinas should all fit within a backpack. The last few times when I used real suitcases was when I was moving to live in in the US and in Italy
  • ...But it is never light enough. When we travel on motorbike there should always be a way to bring less luggage and just keep it simple
  •  I simply love Scandinavian countries and wish I had more time to take up Swedish language lessons. For the time being, I am stuck at Thank you (Tack) and Cheers (Skål)- important words to know in any language
  • I’m a foodie and I really enjoy trying strange (and spicy!) local food (and then I try cooking it at home 🙂 )
  • Beer fan: especially when it comes to Trappist, Weiss and Craft beer
  • I take photos and collect memories during my trips but I prefer to leave social media sharing for later. As much as I enjoy the posts of people who lifestream stories on the go: I prefer to live in the moment and then recollect and share it later.

If there is anything you would like to ask: feel free to contact me and leave your comments on the blog. Wishing you a wonderful time during your travels!



If you speak Bulgarian you can also find my travel stories about Oslo and Valencia on the page of National Geographic Bulgaria or see more about my Thai adventures.


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