The Devetashka Cave | From the Paleolithic period to Hollywood action movies

Saturday trips are my favourte! Sometimes we plan them way ahead of time but most of the time we like to improvise: we brainstorm the type of locations we feel like visiting and then choose one pretty much at the last minute. It takes more planning when you travel on a motorbike, but car trips provide a lot of freedom. So here we are: sleepy and chillaxed on  a Saturday morning: making our way to the Lovech province.



Our main goal for the day is the Devetashka Cave: one of the biggest and most beautiful caves in Bulgaria. If you are somewhere in the area- definitely don’t miss it. It is impressive to be there and the place is full of intriguing history going back to the Middle Paleolithic period.

Some interesting facts about the cave

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Bella Italia | Things to do in Bologna


Returning to Italy after several years away was a truly thrilling experience. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss a country until you go back there and all memories start rushing in. I had passed through Bologna dozens of times, but never roamed across the city so the trip felt both familiar and completely new.

So what should you know about .Bologna? It is the home of the oldest university in the world (founded in 1088) and apart from its long-term inhabitants, it also attracts a lot of students from all over Italy and Europe in a mixture of old and new, of tradition and novelty.

As any city in Italy: it offers a lot of beauty and charm to the casual visitor and if you are into history and culture: the Etruscan and Roman roots of Bologna, its medieval importance and the Dolce Vita charm definitely make it a place worth visiting. Although it is the 7th most populous city in Italy, its historical centre is compact and cosy and everything is within a walking distance. Here are some tips how to enjoy your stay there:

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Things to try in Sofia | Craft beer


Craft beer is becoming increasingly popular in Bulgaria and part of the “blame” is shared by foreign entrepreneurs who are getting more and more adventurous in their experiments with new flavours and label design. One of them is the Seattleite Rory Miller, who runs Ah! Brew works.

As a Friday treat at the end of the work day we got a taste of the micro brewery’s new #3 beer. If you are wondering “What’s with the minimalist name?” Well, the brewers have this cool idea of creating a Beer Periodic table where each new beer recipe has its own name and initials in the table. Definitely a pleasant break away from the commercially available brands you can drink everywhere.

For more info, check out Ah! Brew Works at Untappd.