Huawei Mobile started out on the fringes just a few years ago and have grown to become a global player on the smartphone market, producing high quality Android devices with state of the art optics. As clients of my former employer Publicis I had the pleasure to test out their P9 model while it was still new to the local market and even take part in a mobile photography workshop with  Lomovera.

I liked the quality of the photos and the overall feel of the gadget so much that I ended up buying one for myself and I’m absolutely happy with the experience so far. Most of my newest Instagram photos are with Huawei P9.

Panasonic Bulgaria


I am sentimental about Panasonic Lumix: it was the first camera I bought on my own with the money I saved while studying on a scholarship  in Seattle back in 2007. Lumix cameras are not DSLRs but they were my first experience with a camera beyond point-and-shoot hobby models and to some extent: my first inspiration to pursue my passion for photography.


Needless to say: when I was contacted by a representative of Panasonic Bulgaria I was more than happy to jump into an informal partnership and take different Lumix models with me during short trips in Bulgaria or longer journeys abroad.