Alpine Winter Tale | Snowboarding in Sölden

The last few winters in Bulgaria were a barren ground for skiers and snowboarders in Bulgaria. The limited snowfall and high temperatures made wintersports a contest in who is going to get the best blue-purple gradient certificate for painful landings on rocks barely covered with snow.

This year things look quite different, but if one wants to have guaranteed fun in the snow, the Alps are the destination to go. There are countless alpine resorts in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, you name it. 


Sölden, Austria

Yoddl, yoddl! Does it get any more Austrian than being in the heart of Tyrol? The lovely small city of Solden has just about 3 000 inhabitants, but it lies at the outskirts of 33 (!) lifts and 40 ski/snowboarding trails of varying difficulty.

It was one of the most enjoyable, well organized and neat spots for snowboarding I have ever visted: from conventional slopes, through fun parks and mountain-top views. I have heard that there are no less plesant spots in other Alpine resorts, but Solden is perfect for combining historical sight-seeing in the nearby city of Innsbruck. On your way back you can also visit beautiful Saltzburg, which is about 250km to the Northeast (more on that in the following posts).


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Snowboarding at night


Each place has its own alter-ego atmosphere at night and this is especially true for Ski slopes.

I haven’t been snowboarding at night for years and the experience was fantastically energizing.

There is something eerily romantic in the lightened up snow paths, stretched between piles of piny unknown darkness.  There is also less people on the slope, so the experience is definitely worth trying.

If you would like to see for yourself: lookup Martinovi Baraki before your next ski trip to Bulgaria


Outdoor Adventures | Whiteout

12647238_10156499558170503_1744154873610119706_nDeep white powdery snow is the highlight of the day. You can see What Borovets looked like in the photo above and a video shot during riding by our friend Andrey Tsolev shows a GoPro version of the route and gives you an idea of how much fun it was.

Riding offroad (and almost literally swimming in meters deep soft snow) made me think I should really check out mountain survival guides just in case.

At least I know the basics about surviving an avalanche from Jo Nesbo’s chilling (pun sort of intended) book The leopard.

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