Things I wish I knew on my first motorbike trip

What you see in photo above might look cool but as far as actual riding goes: on scale from 0 to That-makes-no-sense, this really tops the chart (Photo via Favim)

Imagine your locks beautifully flowing in the wind while you ride at the back of a motorbike. As if you are in a L’Oreal shampoo commercial or a movie version of a Nicolas Sparks novel….

Now stop, because that makes no damn sense! Photo shoots and movies constantly show us good looking people without helmets who speed through gorgeous sunsets, easy as a summer breeze. But everyone who has ever been on a bike knows that’s an almost hilarious, highly stylized and completely inaccurate version of reality.

It is really an incredible experience to travel on two wheels, but there are quite a few practical details that you might want to know before actually hopping on the motorbike.

They might look less romantic but helmets and protective gear can save your life (and you will really spend less on hairspray compared to the situation on the photo above)…

After several years and dozens of shorter and longer trips on the back seat you learn what makes your life easier on the road and what doesn’t. So if you are planning to join a friend or partner on the road, but you aren’t sure about the practical things you should know: here is an inconclusive list which might help you have an easier and more comfortable trip.

So let’s start with some basic preparation: What should I wear? is a very classical question for us girls, and when it comes to comfort and functionality it is actually a quite important one. Apart from the absolute MUSTs (helmet, (leather)jacket and gloves), here are some useful tips:

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Bella Italia | Things to do in Bologna


Returning to Italy after several years away was a truly thrilling experience. Sometimes you don’t realize how much you miss a country until you go back there and all memories start rushing in. I had passed through Bologna dozens of times, but never roamed across the city so the trip felt both familiar and completely new.

So what should you know about .Bologna? It is the home of the oldest university in the world (founded in 1088) and apart from its long-term inhabitants, it also attracts a lot of students from all over Italy and Europe in a mixture of old and new, of tradition and novelty.

As any city in Italy: it offers a lot of beauty and charm to the casual visitor and if you are into history and culture: the Etruscan and Roman roots of Bologna, its medieval importance and the Dolce Vita charm definitely make it a place worth visiting. Although it is the 7th most populous city in Italy, its historical centre is compact and cosy and everything is within a walking distance. Here are some tips how to enjoy your stay there:

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Imola | Visiting the monument of Ayrton Senna

On May 1st, 1994 Ayrton Senna – one of the all time legends of Formula 1- tragically died on the Imola racing track in Italy. I was too young to remember when it happened, but my boyfriend (as men usually do) is really into sports and clearly recalls where he was and how he learned about it. He is a very big fan of Senna so on our trip to Bologna, Imola was part of the Must-see list.

The small Italian town, which hosts one of the most (in)famous racing tracks is just a 30 minute train ride away from Bologna Centrale (train tickets vary depending on the type of train and the most “busy hours” but tickets should be around 6 EUR in one direction).


The Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari is about a 20min away from the train station across the bridge over river Santerno: a pleasant walk across the Imola city center and its outskirts filled with lovely Villas and cosy gardens.

 There are many signs on the road which make it quite easy to find: you pretty much take Viale Andrea Costa from the train station and continue straight as the street merges into Via Appia,  which takes you to the bridge across the river from where you can clearly see the park.


You cross a small underpass with beautiful graffitti drawings and from there you just follow the many signs and small maps showing the way to the Ayrton Senna monument. Some 10-15 minutes into the park there is a statue build close to the fatal turn where he lost his life.


It is a very emotional place: the whole area around the monument is covered with  flowers, flags, t-shirts, photos, posters, hats, etc with the name and face of Senna and handwritten notes by his fans, saying he will stay forever in their hearts. 

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5 Reasons to choose Greece for your Summer Holiday

Southern and Southeastern Europe have their fair share of serenely beautiful places. In the peak of the summer season you have probably already planned your major holidays but if you like to improvise: Greece is definitely worth your time for an impromptu weekend. Here are some reasons why:


1.The scenery is absolutely beautiful

The photos in this post have not even been edited: it is that postcard pretty out there.

The mixture of palm and olive trees, bright-colored flowers, turquoise water and deep blue skies are simply delightful to look at.


2.The water is crystal clear

 Not all sea resorts in the Balkan area can boast the same level of clarity and water purity as in most of Greece. There are exceptions, of course: this is inevitable for a country with such a huge coastline (13.6K kilometers/8.5K miles) but for the most part, the Greek coast offers stunningly beautiful and clear beaches.

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Things to do near Sofia | Horse riding

DSC_0662bDSC_0655bOne of my favourite things about Sofia is that it offers an endless list of weekend activities, especially in the warmer seasons of the year.

A friend took us horse riding this weekend and it was a surprisingly calming and fun experience. It might look really easy from the outside, but “doing nothing” while you sit on the horse’s back is actually quite intense.


Warming up starts with simple exercises for coordination:

You climb on the horse and while it is moving slowly in circles, you have to:

-lean on the side and touch your right toes with your left hand;

– stretch your hands- sideways, up, etc.

-or lean completely forward or completely backward to a position in which you practically lie on the horse’s back.


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5 Reasons to choose Motorbike travel


Today is the official opening of the moto season in Bulgaria. As the tradition goes: hundreds of bike riders wake their rides from the winter sleep, shake the dust off their helmets and gather near the Aleksander Nevski Catedhdral under the sounds of good old rock music.  The end of March is a tricky weather period, but more or less: warm days and opportunities for bike trips lie ahead.



Reasons to try travelling on a motor bike

In case you haven’t tried it: riding a motor bike (or in my case: riding at the back of the bike) is one of the most exciting, refreshing and fun ways to travel. Yes, you don’t have the comfy car seats and all the space you are used to: but there are tons of other perks:

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