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TBT | NY & Wall Street

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Travel break is a column about topics and themes which are associated with the places I have visit but are not strictly about travel. History, architecture, anthropology, cinema, books: all these intriguing areas can shed more light upon a place and make you experience it in a different way

 I just watched The Big short:  one of the must-see movies from this year’s Oscar nominees. It is a fantastic insider look that would really make you think twice about the prestige of Wall street.

The movie reminded me of my time in NY and I managed to dig out a few shots I took in Wall Street. Buildings in the financial district are really monumental: the Gilded age (term coined by Mark Twain himself) architecture is mixed with art deco element which are simultaneously classically European and associated with typically American trends in the 1920s and 1930s.

Retina NY1

For more documentary facts on the financial crisis, also check out the Inside job.

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