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Nat Geo | Eastern Washington State

National Geographic Your Shot - Grandpa.PNG

National Geographic is like my ultimate childhood dream when it comes to Globetrotting, Adventure and Wildlife photography.


They have been doing a great job at developing a community of aspiring photographers through the Your Shot section on the site. It has wonderful (bi)weekly Assignments: curated, assessed and published by inspiring experts in this field where you can see some of the most amazing travel photos from around the world. Take a look around because there are some wonderful photographers out there.

2016 is the centennial year of the US National Park Service and Nat Geo is especially interested in Landmark photos and stories from National parks in the US and around the world

Grandfather cuts loose the ponnies

Above you can see a link to an old shot of mine from Vantage, Eastern Washington: the horses you see there are in fact a series of monumental metal sculptures called Grandfather cuts loose the ponnies.

These steel mustangs, frozen in time by David Govedare is a magnificent and confusing sight, overlooking the Columbia river: art which plays games with your eyes and imagination.

You can read more about it in Atlas Obscura.

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