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Must see | Spring Blossoms in Seattle

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University of Washington is not only one of the best places to study and explore the endless pile of things you want to learn about the world: it has one of the most beautiful campuses out there.

Among the trademarks of the campus scenery are the gorgeous Japanese cherry trees, which cover the Quad in white and pink during the Spring Quarter.

Yoshino cherries originate from Japan and were first planted around 1939 at the Washington Park Arboretum.

“The cherry blossom represents the fertility and beauty of life,” Prof. Tetsuden Kashima said. “In their country, the blossoms are a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful, but it is also tragically short. When the cherry blossoms bloom for a short time each year in force, they serve as a visual reminder of how precious and precarious life is.” Read more 

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