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What to do near Sofia | With Motorbike to Tsari Mali Grad

As I have already mentioned: travelling on a motorbike is one of the most enjoyable and thrilling experiences. In spring it is time to shake the dust off the wheels and start exploring the charm of the Bulgarian countryside.

Short weekend trips are a great way to do some travelling and still have time for a cosy rest at home to recuperate from the hectic week.


Tsari Mali Grad (about 50km away from Sofia) is a great option for a short trip. It is a brand new spot on the tourist map: the restoration and archaeological conservation  of an ancient Roman fortress were completed several years ago.

Inside the fortress there is a museum exposition of local archaeological artifacts, ceramics, ancient coin collections and weaponry.

On the top of the St.Spas hill there is  a Christian Cult Complex and a gorgeous panoramic view to the valley below.


The spot is great for combining museum and ethnological sightseeing with outdoor activities. There is a hike to the top of the hill which can range from 15-20 min to 30-40, depending on how fast you walk and how well you can balance between the inclined route and the inner urge to take photos every 2 minutes.

The place is especially lovely in spring as a you are surrounded by a thick green shroud of lovely nature.


There are some options for horse riding on top which is not a surprise here: Belchin (the village next to Tsari Mali grad) is in a region with quite a few traditions in horse breeding.


If you are planning on visiting with kids: there is a fun rope bridge through the woods. It is picturesque and lovely but it won’t be much of a thrill for the grown ups: it is less than 1m over the ground.





Tsari Mali Grad is a perfect destination for a motor bike trip because you can go for two different routes on your way to there and back. Both options offer some nice road turns and a variety of views and pretty nature.

It is also about 5 min away from Belchin Park [see the map below]: a small local swimming pool/fun park with water slides and carting track nearby. Don’t get your hopes up for the carting as it is quite small and the facilities are definitely not state-of-the-art. But still: the place is a nice out-of-town getaway spot.

belchin park


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