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Fun Trips | Karts & Racing in the woods


Apart from motorcycle riding, my lovely boyfriend is also really keen on go karting. This often prompts us to make small detours during our travels in order to visit local karting tracks.

So far one of the nicest open air tracks we’ve discovered is located up on a hill near Kyustendil. It offers an enjoyable route with many steep turns, surrounded by a lovely pine forest. Among the standard visitors there are always at least one or two 7 olds who are preparing to become professional racers, so if you are willing to built some skills you can lend an ear to the feedback by coaches and parents.

There is a tall stand from which you can look at the entire track and the best part is that they allow motorbike riders to try their skills on the track (spending the whole day training is 15 EUR).




After your get your thrills it is time to get some good food. One of the best kept secrets in this area is Tihiyat Kut (The Quiet Nook): some bike riders told us about it and we’ve already visited twice.

Both times the different things we tried from the menu were fantastic: they have many types of grilled meat and they even offer grilled vegetables and pork loin served directly on a steak cooking plate. The hot plate is sevred (over a wooden protector base, of course) right on your table, where you can decide for how long you would like to leave the meat on it.


They also have “meat spears”: shashliks with big chunks of pork, chicken or veal, great grilled tuna steak (yum! I am a huge tuna fan), and many more.


The Foodie spot:

Where to find the track?

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