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Things to see in Bulgaria | The Krushuna Waterfalls

On our big motorcycle tour of Bulgaria we saw many beautiful places on and off the beaten path but one of the most memorable spots along the way were the Krushuna Falls.

They are named after a local type of falcon “Korshun”, which can still be found in the area today and if you are in the vicinity of Lovech (or planning a trip in Northern Bulgaria) you should definitely stop by.

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The place is easily accessible, so it is not much of a hiking challenge, but the nature is beautiful and the eco-path in the forest takes you along a series of travertine water terraces, small waterfalls and ultimately- to the cave from where the Maara river springs.

Interesting fact: Although the cave is about 2km (1.2 miles) long, only the first 150m (500feet) are open to the public.


The bright turquoise color of the water is due to the travertine (limestone) formed by the presence of mineral water with rich calcium content. Both the travertine content and the color are extremely rare for Bulgaria and even the locals feel like they are visiting a place which is one of a kind.

The terraces are at the bottom of the path and are the lowest level of a series of water cascades (the Krushuna Falls are the largest limestone water cascade in Bulgaria).The higher you go up the path, the bigger the waterfalls.The biggest one, called The Sprinkle(r) is 15m high.

This region has been inhabited by Thracian tribes as far back as 5th century BC and the ancient dwellers believed that the waterfalls take the bad energy away and they wash away pain and malaise.

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