P1110001Coming back from Italy is always accompanied by a wave of nostalgia. It is hard to depart from its beauty and the unbearable lightness of being, which engulfs you: piazza after piazza, masterpiece after masterpiece.



I used to live for a while in the medieval university city of Macerata (in the Marche region), but my work in Bulgaria and many other things have kept me away from Italy for the past several years. It was wonderful to come back and get this rush of memories. Flavours, sights, words & emotions seem to entangle us into a strange state of enjoying the present and recalling the past in a sweet wave of excitement and nostalgia.

P1100569 (2)

P1100571 (2)

While I am sorting out the images and travel impressions from Bologna, Imola, Rimini, Scarperia/Mugello and Firenze: here are some black and white shots from the trip. They capture some of the atmosphere of this glorious country, its people and of course: its Dolce Vita.

*All rights reserved: Please, if you want to use any of the photos in this post elsewhere: do it by referencing the original source.


IMG_7829 (2)

IMG_7841 (2)

P1100621 (2)

P1110343 (2)

P1110240 (2)






P1100754 (2)


P1100659 (2)


P1100616 (2)


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  1. Чудесни кадри, браво! 🙂


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