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The Belogradchik Rocks can really rock your world

A Must-see Outdoor destination which offers outerworldly beauty, breathtaking views and intriguing history


Travel Breakfast

Before we set off on a road trip to the Belogradchik Rocks, I quickly fix a healthy breakfast: banana pancakes (prepared without flour or milk, just a 1:2 ratio of bananas and eggs) covered with yoghurt, cinnamon, flax seed, mint leaves and a sprinkle of rum baking essence. It’s filling and delicious and it gives Stef all the energy he needs to deal with what’s ahead: driving a car full of girls for several hours. Poor him 🙂

Assembling the task force

We pick up the ladies and we are ready to go: the distance from Sofia to Belogradchik is not so big but the road is in a terrible condition and there are many steep turns in the woods (with people driving like crazy in the opposite lane) so we take our time.

Horror movies, photography, how our grandparents met and fell in love (respective grandparents, not mutual grandparents): the topics flow carefree as the rock music on the radio.

The Fortress


In order to reach the natural vista which overlooks the Belogradchik rocks, you need to pass through the Kaleto Fortress. It is one of the most well-preserved fortresses in Bulgaria dating back to Late Antiquity.

The natural advantages of the area were well appreciated by the Romans who used the fortress to protect some of their most strategically important roads. It is cleverly incorporated into the natural rock formations around it and was used mainly for overlooking the area, and not really in defensive battles.


 The fortress offers an easy and pleasant climb onto the Belogradchik Rocks vista. I was surprised to hear many people breathing heavily on their way up and sharing how they “can’t go on”.

If you maintain a healthy and moderately active lifestyle it takes literally 5-10 minutes to climb the somewhat steep stairs (while taking photos) and reach the view on top. It is definitely worth it.

The Belogradchik Rocks | How are they even possible?


The fortress offers the best view, but the rocks extent to a 30km (18.6 miles) long range. You can observe them from various spots and hike along the skirts of the rock formation made up of sandstone with distinct reddish color.

The rocks date back to 230 million years ago: or (as Ross from “Friends” or any of your buddies who is into palaeontology or geology would inform you) during the Triassic period.


Anyway, around that time major tectonic movements shaped the area and raised up the region around Belogradchik. Later the region was submerged at the bottom of a shallow sea. In the Jurassic period the hot climate formed oxides which produced the red color of rocks and the settling of the Earth crust caused smaller sandstones to merge into larger formation.

Eventually, the area became dry land again, having some trouble to make up its mind (geologically speaking). 


The result of these complex processes, mixed with erosion, denudation, surface rivers, etc. shaped the amazing place you see in the photos. In 2007 the Belogradchik Rocks were even nominated for one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

Even if you are not interested in how they were formed: enjoying the view is an inevitable side effect of coming to this area. It is quite breathtaking and I would definitely like to come back again.

IMG_20160904_142218 Watermarked.jpg

My friend Talitha told me they camped here (outside the fortess) and that the area looked absolutely amazing when it was covered in thick milky fog. Definitely adding this to my Bucket list.

Short visit to Vratsa | Hotspot for Climbing

We spent too much time in Belogradchik, so we couldn’t get to Vratsa in time for exploring the Magura Cave and Ledenika (they are open for visitors until 5pm).

However, we were able to take a nice look at the rock climbers along the Vratsa(ta) Gorge.

If you are into rock and boulder climbing this is definitely your spot.

This article is part of a Series on Mobile Travel Photography which aims to test how well do smartphones capture the excitement of exploration and travel | Model tested: HuaweiP9

How to get there

Practical Tips

âś“If you are visiting during the summer- bring a lot of water with you because it can get scorching out there on the rocks

âś“Take a walk around outside the fortress as well: the best view is definitely there but if you have time there is a hiking path on the right of the main entrance which takes you through the woods and ends up at the bottom of Belogradchik

âś“ Take your wide angle camera/lens with you: the scenery is gorgeous

âś“Visit Vratsa on your way back: there are some impressive rocks for climbing and several picturesque caves and nature landmarks in the area. However, try to get there in the early afternoon, because access to Magurata is closed after 17.00


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