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Guest Explorer | The biggest Airbus landing in Bulgaria

Today the Lufthansa pilot Mario Bakalov made history as the first local pilot to land Airbus A380 in Bulgaria. The beautiful double-deck aircraft is the biggest passenger carrier in the world usually operating on transatlantic flights. Its symbolic landing in Bulgaria (outside of its usual route) marked the 104th anniversary of the Bulgarian Air force and Aviation.


Denitsa, a former colleague and friend of mine, had the great chance to be there today and I couldn’t help asking her some questions about it. 

How did it feel to experience firsthand such an exciting event?

I was thrilled to be a mini part of Mario Bakalov’s dream to finally land Airbus A380 on Bulgarian soil. You could really feel people’s excitement: looking up, awaiting in anticipation. For me it was more than just a PR event, it was all about experiencing the present moment and actually realizing that it is indeed possible to go after your big dreams. Even if they are as big as Airbus A380 🙂


 And how did you get the chance to meet the crew and explore the Airbus in the first place?

I am working for one of the general sponsors. In times like these, I really love my job!

You also had the chance to talk to Mario Bakalov: what was the most interesting thing he shared about his work as a pilot and the landing of Airbus A380?

I know Mario from a previous event, where he was a motivational speaker. I was impressed by how passionately he was talking about his job and how open he was in general about sharing his personal struggles through the years.

I was impressed by what a humble person he is. He has a great career and a great heart, a real role model! Today he was overwhelmed with joy and pride because his dream has finally come true.

 Visitors probably had the chance to enter the passenger quarters, but did you also get a chance to see the cockpit and talk more with the Lufthansa crew?

I only got the chance to talk to few members of the crew – highly professional and devoted people. They consider their job to be a privilege. I admire people with such high professionalism and knowledge.

I learned that there is a whole crew, which is in charge of external cleaning of Airbus A380 – it takes 360 hours to clan the entire aircraft by hand!

What was the best part of the experience?

Waiting to get on board and get a glimpse of the whole thing.

 My father was showing me a wine app today (Vivino) and I told him I dont use apps, I use Denis wine references because you are a person with taste who knows her wine and is not afraid to ask. What wine would you choose to have on long flight with this Airbus A380?

Wow, if you were a guy, I would marry you without hesitation only because of these words! Back to the question – I would recommend Pinot Noir from New Zealand all the way! It is deep and promising and exotic just like a transatlantic flight with Airbus A380. Now I sound like a voice over of a commercial…


You sound great, actually. I am almost ready to run outside to the nearest store. Talking about other countries…If you could visit any country in the world with this plane, where would you like to go the most?

Hong Kong or Miami.

 Why there?

Because they are both so different. Hong Kong for its exotic vibe and Miami for holiday (remember the song? “Welcome to Miami” 🙂 )

Thank you so much for this talk 🙂 

Denitsa is a person with great taste: in books, poetry, quality food and wine. Her sarcastic comments  take a while to adjust to but once you get to know her, she is one of the funniest and most interesting people to be around. She is currently working as Corporate Communications Manager at CIBANK

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  1. Svet Dimitrov

    Thanks to Denitsa for providing us these amazing photos from the inside and thanks to you, readheady, for compiling such a great article! 🙂



  2. ah lovely! wish I was there to see it to! ❤


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