Travelback Thursday | Exploring Valencian Street Art

One of my favourite things is to just ditch the map in my bag and take the first small street which catches my eye. Exploring cities in this way gives you a great opportunity to dive into local culture, discover spots off the tourist map and ultimately: feel at least a bit like a local, who sees the pulse of the city, not only its most advertised spots.

Discovering Valencia together with Stef was an exciting experience as the city has the type of charm which can really get under your skin. There is always something new and cool to discover behind every corner: especially in the area West of Plaza del Reina.

An additional perk of these colorful urban gems is that they are like an alternative map of the city. We came back to Valencia after two years and I could still remember some streets and places we had visited before based on the visual clues provided by the street art around me. Of course many things get painted over but some remain.

And a bonus of exquisite park art dedicated to the lyrical protagonist Miguel who apparently is quite gay.