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Valencia | Love is in the air

A random ballerina encounter can make your day


One of the things I love the most about travel is the fact that you can stumble upon the most incredible situations and people just like that. Not that unusual things don’t happen to me all the time in Sofia, but when you travel you get that extra sparkle of spontaneity.

So here we are: riding bikes aroung the city and we pass near a ballerina jumping in the air for a photoshoot…Wait…What?


I turn my bike immediately and go to take a photo of her. Of course, against the empty, white exterior of the museum, the red wine color of my dress and my camera cannot remain unnoticed so the girl immediately makes eye contact. p1070034I appologize for interrupting her and ask for permission to shoot. I didn’t feel comfortable to stay for too long so I just made a couple of shots: because I love ballet and symmetry and just couldn’t leave before taking a photo.

It turned out that there is a lovely background story to her jumps. She was celebrating an anniversary with her boyfriend and wanted to make some pretty pictures for him to cherish :)

I don’t know about you but I find small details like this absolutely charminh. I’ll say no more. Enjoy the movement.

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