Sofia Talks | Rostislav Bakalov on Bulgarian Craft Beer Culture

A decade ago the expression “Craft beer” was a fully untapped topic on the Bulgarian beer market. Today, a growing number of people are using Untappd not to describe unknown beers but to rate their favourite local and global craft brands while they are getting a liquid infusion of their favourite Vitamin B(eer).

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Hidden gems | Charming Sofia


*Many of the photos are taken with a phone while roaming the city,

so please excuse the poor resolution

Sofia is one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

It mixes the influence of East & West, old & new, traditional & hip. It has its downsides (try riding a bike without developing superhuman self-protection instincts, I dare you), but it also has piles and piles of urban charm.

retina- sofia 2

From its Thracian & later Roman proto-self Serdica, through the Byzantine Triaditza, Sofia has a long and colorful history of mixed cultural influence. Nowadays, it is consistently reshaping and improving its cityscape.

 You can find fantastic food at really affordable prices in a growing number of folk cuisine and gourmet joints which pop up all across the city. You have  the gorgeous mount Vitosha just a 20min drive away from the downtown district. There is a growing interest in urban art and building a better cityscape. And last but not least the city mixes a relaxed “you can just have a beer in the park” atmosphere with a mesmerizing mixture of Austrian Neo-Baroque/Secession and glass&steel modern architecture.

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