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Details & Captured moments | Sofia


*Many of the photos are taken with a phone while roaming the city,

so please excuse the poor resolution

Sofia is one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

It mixes the influence of East & West, old & new, traditional & hip. It has its downsides (try riding a bike without developing superhuman self-protection instincts, I dare you), but it also has piles and piles of urban charm.

retina- sofia 2

From its Thracian & later Roman proto-self Serdica, through the Byzantine Triaditza, Sofia has a long and colorful history of mixed cultural influence. Nowadays, it is consistently reshaping and improving its cityscape.

 You can find fantastic food at really affordable prices in a growing number of folk cuisine and gourmet joints which pop up all across the city. You have  the gorgeous mount Vitosha just a 20min drive away from the downtown district. There is a growing interest in urban art and building a better cityscape. And last but not least the city mixes a relaxed “you can just have a beer in the park” atmosphere with a mesmerizing mixture of Austrian Neo-Baroque/Secession and glass&steel modern architecture.


Тhe Saint Seven Apostles: one of the Landmarks of the city.

retina- air show sofia

Annual air parade near the Sofia Airport

Retina- Escobar

White wine is served with strawberries or raspberries in Escobar in downtown Sofia.

retina- sofia 3

Business buildings on Bulgaria Boulevard: experiments of glass and steel.

retina- sofia venues

Sofia has a lot to offer to foodies: the city’s booming food culture can offer many patisseries, bakeries, gourmet restaurants and all kinds of places where you can clench your thirst for lovely local food and world cuisine.


Losenetz is one of the city’s oldest hip neighborhoods: full of lovely suburban style homes right in the middle of the city.


Sofia’s Military Academy Park can offer lovely atmosphere for afternoon walks.



The National Theatre: one of the city’s cultural trademarks. The park around the theatre is where you can find almost everyone in town in warm spring and summer eveneings



retina- sofia




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